About Shayn Nicely

A story is like a heart. Everyone has one beating inside of them.

Shayn Nicely is a professional ghostwriter, editor, and author living outside of Washington, DC. She is a member of the Freelancers Union.

“Shayn has a wonderfully creative mind, and the skill to weave ideas into a compelling, emotionally-gripping story. She makes a true effort to understand exactly what you want and is always open and receptive to feedback. She takes pride in her craft and I feel that she really invested herself in the story. She’s easy to communicate with, and you can rely on her to meet your deadline!”
– Eliza T., client

While earning her degree in Creative Writing from the competitive program at Florida State University, Shayn published her first novel, Vanity, wrote for a local paper, and was a contributor to Cracked, most recently appearing in their anthology The De-Textbook (2013).

This story is fast-paced and original, with brilliant characters and mounting drama. I’m impressed by its complexity as well. There are so many layers in each event and interaction. Elegantly executed.” –Rachel E., Kindle Top 100 author and client 

She now offers rates starting at five-cents-per-word (writing) and $30 per hour (editorial). Although this is significantly beneath market value, her primary concern is diversifying her portfolio, growing a strong network of business relationships, and providing quality manuscripts at an affordable rate.

“Shayn has done a wonderful job of turning my technical jargon ramblings into coherent and accessible chapters.” -Joseph Brunsman, editorial client

With experience ranging from 250,000 word juggernauts of political drama and science fiction, to 1,500 word articles of entertaining web content, her portfolio is sure to accommodate whatever needs you have.

“Shayn is good at what she does. She’s a fantastic writer, and she delivers on time.” –Faith C., publicist and client

When she’s not practicing bad posture over her keyboard, she’s pretending to be an airplane in pajamas with her two-year-old son, Israel, and doting over a three-legged cat named Willy.

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“I write about crossroads, and the people ripped in half at them.” –Broken Pencil 

“Likes walks in the rain, lightning rods. Has an evil twin. Is a school for wayward Christian boys.” -Monkeybicycle 

“Shayn Nicely is hoping to achieve posthumous fame and live in someone’s attic for no rent.” -Bound Off