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EVERY contract ensures the utmost protection of both your work and my practice, and is signed before anything–money, or even notes–change hands. With that having been said, every client is unique, and so is every contract. Take a look at the six packages listed below to determine which will most likely meet your project needs.


Immediate scheduling is currently unavailable for this deal, so contact me as soon as possible to find a slot in 2016!


Already decided that the quality of work available fast isn’t right for your baby? Need more time between installations and payments? Although exact numbers are unlisted, many people on a decent budget fall into this category, and have already decided to leave behind the undercutting and under-qualified freelancers of Upwork, Guru, and Outsource.


Even when you choose the Deluxe package, you can expect to see rates as low as half of those quoted by other dot com ghostwriters, and still know that as much as six months will be invested into your project by an educated and experienced author who can furnish you with an iron-clad, yet flexible, contract.

Combination Ghostwriting and Editing Package

Not all needs fall into easy categories by cost and time. Some writers require a variety of factors to be considered. If you’ve got half a novel written, you’re not going to need any of those packages. Let’s talk about what you’ve got, and see where we can go with it. In the free consultation–which is protected under contract, so you can share your work with ease of mind–we’ll review what you have, and discuss what you need from me.

Editorial and Beta Reading Rates

Already finished the next great American novel? Just need a classically trained and objective eye? Have a peek at the pricing table below, consider your options, and e-mail me.

  • $30 per hour = proofreading without content editing
  • $40 per hour = proofreading with light content editing (reorganization of paragraphs, troubleshooting text density, clarification for accessibility)
  • $40 per hour = proofreading with line-by-line + overall review, no content editing

Book Coaching

If you still want to write your own book, and you just need help with the outlining phase, feel secure under a contract which guarantees your rights, with an author who has successfully outlined over a dozen books. We’ll conduct interviews over-the-phone, on-line, or face-to-face, one hour at a time ($20/hour), and talk about the logical trajectory of the work, your goals, your audience, character and world development (where applicable), and scope and pacing. Perfect for that story which has not yet been told, but that only you can tell.